Dennis (Yongquan) Deng 邓永泉

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Dennis (Yongquan) Deng 邓永泉

Senior Partner, Dentons’ Beijing office

Arbitrator with Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center

Tel: +86-10-58137130

Cell Phone: +86-13911098075


Practice Areas

Litigation, Dispute resolution, Arbitration, Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign arbitral Award,Expert Testimony of China Law, Fraud and Asset Recovery, Real estate, M&A,International Trade and Franchise


Dennis Deng serves as Dentons’ Beijing office senior partner and is a Member of ChinaBoard. Previously, he was also head of the International Practice group in theBeijing office.

Dennis is a seasoned trial lawyer and has been widely recognized for his work in both litigation and arbitration in China. He is described by his clients asPRAGMATIC and RESPONSIVE. He represents domestic and international clients in abroad range of commercial litigation and arbitration (particularly over disputes arising out of real estate development, M&A, international trade, employment ) across a broad spectrum of substantive areas often with an international element, including real estate, construction, finance, PE, equity investment, IT, TMT, entertainment, electricity, energy, medicine, retail, manufacturing, chemistry, environmental protection, international trade(including L/C, B/L), securities, insurance.

Dennis has successfully prosecuted and defended large and complex and high-value claims before trial and appellate courts throughout China, China InternationalEconomic Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), Beijing ArbitrationCommission/Beijing International Arbitration Center, and in administrative proceedings, achieving a strong track record of success for clients. He also has experience before international arbitration in Hong Kong InternationalArbitration Centre and Singapore International Arbitration Centre.

Dennis has experience of obtaining and resisting injunctions, including freezing injunctions throughout China. He is also intimately familiar with the judicial appraisal process.

Dennis has extensive experience in real estate, including major retail, residential, office, hotel and logistics developments, financing and institutional investments.

Dennis works closely with funds and equity investors and advises them on investment decision and risk management. He also advises boards of directors on complex corporate governance and compliance matters.

Representative cases

1. Expert testimony of China law for the plaintiffs before Ontario Court of Canada in the securities class action against Sino-Forest Corporation;

2. Represented a Singaporean company as respondent in itsCIETAC arbitration against a Hong Kong real estate developer concerning across-border sale of retail real estate;

3. Represented a Chinese financial investor as claimant in its CIETAC arbitration against the target company and its founding shareholder as respondent concerning an equity investment contract;

4. Represented a well-known Singaporean real estate developer as plaintiff in its litigation against a large Chinese state-owned enterprise as defendant concerning a real estate joint development contract;

5. Represented a well-known Singaporean real estate developer the foreign shareholder as claimant in its CIETAC arbitration against its Chinese co-shareholder concerning a joint venture contract;

6. Represented a well-known Italian foreign-invested enterprise as plaintiff in its litigation against its employees as defendants for commercial secrets infringements liabilities;

7. Represented a well-known German company as plaintiff in dozens of litigation against its Chinese distributors concerning distributor contracts; 

8. Represented a well-known UK company the foreign shareholder as respondent in its CIETAC arbitration against it’s a well-known Chinese co-shareholder as claimant concerning a joint venture contract;

9.  Represented clients in their CIETAC or BAC arbitrations concerning share sales and purchase contracts;

10. Represented a well-known Chinese property developer in dozens of litigations concerning purchase contracts for residential apartments;

11. Represented the Chinese franchisee as defendant inits litigation concerning a franchise contract;

12. Represented a German manufacturing enterprise the seller as claimant in its CIETAC arbitration against a well-known Chinese designer and construction contractor concerning a steelmaking plant construction contract;

13. Represented a US company the supplier as respondent in its CIETAC arbitration against a well-known Chinese general contractor the buyer as claimant concerning a electronic equipment supply contract;

14. Represented clients in litigations concerning machine equipment sales and purchase contracts;

15. Represented a Chinese provincial television production company as plaintiff in its litigation concerning a television production cooperation agreement;  

16. Represented a well-known large state-owned enterprise as respondent in its CIETAC arbitration concerning a construction contractor agreement;

17. Represented a well-known large state-owned enterprise as respondent in two CIETAC arbitrations concerning compensation and resettlement agreements for highway land requisition;

18. Represented an renowned international electronics company in seeking recognition and enforcement of an arbitral award made byInternational Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) in China;

19. Represented a German company in seeking recognition and enforcement of an ICC award in China.

Working Experience

Dennis joined the Firm inJune 2006. He began his private practice at Zhong Lun Law Firm. Prior to that,Dennis had started his legal career as the general counsel and board secretary of COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Ltd. and COFCO Coca-Cola (China) Investment Co.Ltd,, where he acquired significant experience in international commercial operations and corporate management.


Arbitrator with the Beijing Arbitration Commission/Beijing International Arbitration Center

Educational Background

Dennis graduated from theLaw School of Peking University with a Master’s of Law degree.

Working languages

Chinese and English; Dennis is capable of using English proficiently.

Representative publications

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