Big Data on Chinese Lawyers

The Ministry of Justice of China recently released a series of data on Chinese lawyers as of the end of 2017, including the number of lawyers, the number of lawsuits in which they acted as agents, and the number of clients they provided services for.

7 Tips on China’s High-level Consumption Restrictions

In order to urge the judgment debtor to fulfill the payment obligation determined in an effective legal instrument and also to prevent his/its property from being reduced by consumption, Chinese courts may restrict the judgment debtor on high-level consumption as well as the relevant consumption not necessary for livelihood or business operation.

Voice of Chinese Judges: Ascertainment of Foreign Law in Chinese Courts

Chinese courts have long been perplexed by the problem of how to accurately ascertain and apply foreign law. There is a tendency to apply the lex fori, i.e., Chinese law, which is familiar to Chinese judges, on the grounds of failure to prove the foreign law, due to the fact that the judges lack convenient means in ascertainment.