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SPC Ten Typical Cases of Personal Safety Protection Orders (2020)


Type of documents Typical Cases

Issuing body Supreme People's Court

Promulgating date Nov 25, 2020

Scope of application N/A

Topic(s) Human Rights Law

Editor(s) C. J. Observer

On 25 Nov. 2020, the Supreme People’s Court (“SPC”), the All-China Women’s Federation and the Chinese Association of Female Judges jointly released ten typical cases of personal safety protection orders.

The ten cases released this time covers a variety of matters, including the simultaneous application of administrative sanction and personal safety protection order, punishment for violation of personal safety protection order in accordance with laws, application for the personal safety protection order by women’s associations or village committees on behalf of persons with limited capacity for civil conduct or parties with limited mobility, breaking the bad habit of beating and scolding minors, exploring the role of schools in discovering domestic violence, violence prevention and control for cohabitation and post-divorce relationship, relaxation of the applicant’s standard of proof, clarification of the circumstances of mental violence, the change of child maintenance in face of the real danger of domestic violence, etc.

November 25 is designated as the International Day for the Elimination of Domestic Violence. In accordance with the statistics, up to the end of 2019, Chinese courts have issued 5,749 personal safety protection orders since the effective date of Domestic Violence Law in 2016, effectively safeguarding the personal safety of victims subject to domestic violence, especially women, children, the elderly and the disabled.

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