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List of China's Laws

We are committed to providing the public with access to the Constitution and all the Laws of China here. 

The Laws are issued by China’s top legislature, the National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee. The number of Laws has now exceeded 200. The Constitution and the Laws are at the top of the hierarchy of laws.

To make it easily accessible to our readers, we have made the following classifications of Laws. It should be noted that these classifications are not official.


Constitution and Constitutional Law

Constitution of China (2018) 宪法

Legislation Law of China (2015) 立法法

Organic Law for the National People's Congress (1982) 全国人民代表大会组织法

Organization Law for Local People's Congresses and Local People's Governments (2015) 地方各级人民代表大会和地方各级人民政府组织法

Law on Deputies to the National People's Congress and Local People's Congresses (2015) 全国人民代表大会和地方各级人民代表大会代表法

Election Law on the National People's Congress and Local People's Congress (2020) 全国人民代表大会和地方各级人民代表大会选举法

Rules of Procedure for the National People's Congress (1989) 全国人民代表大会议事规则

Anti-Secession Law of China (2005) 反分裂国家法

Organic Law of the Villagers Committees of China (2018) 村民委员会组织法

Organic Law of the Urban Residents Committees of China (2018) 城市居民委员会组织法

Supervision Law of China (2018) 监察法

National Emblem Law of China (2020) 国徽法

National Flag Law of China (2020) 国旗法

National Anthem Law of China (2017) 国歌法

Civil Law

Civil Code of China: Part I General Principles (2020) 民法典 第一编 总则

Civil Code of China: Part II Real Rights (2020) 民法典 第二编 物权

Civil Code of China: Part III Contract (2020) 民法典 第三编 合同

Civil Code of China: Part IV Personality Rights (2020) 民法典 第四编 人格权

Civil Code of China: Part V Marriage and Family (2020) 民法典 第五编 婚姻家庭

Civil Code of China: Part VI Succession (2020) 民法典 第六编 继承

Civil Code of China: Part VII Liability for Tort (2020) 民法典 第七编 侵权责任


Criminal Law

Criminal Law of China (2017) 刑法

Prison Law of China (2012) 监狱法


Corporate Law / Enterprise Law

Company Law of China (2018) 公司法

Partnership Enterprise Law of China (2006) 合伙企业法

Foreign Investment Law of China (2019) 外商投资法

Individual Proprietorship Enterprises Law of China (1999) 个人独资企业法

State-Owned Assets in Enterprises Law of China (2008) 企业国有资产法

Enterprise Bankruptcy Law of China (2006) 企业破产法

Partnership Enterprise Law of China (2006) 合伙企业法


Procedural Law

Civil Procedure Law of China (2017) 民事诉讼法

Criminal Procedure Law of China (2018) 刑事诉讼法

International Criminal Judicial Assistance Law of China (2018) 国际刑事司法协助法

Administrative Procedure Law of China (2017) 行政诉讼法

State Compensation Law of China (2012) 国家赔偿法

Administrative Reconsideration Law of China (2017) 行政复议法


Arbitration and Mediation

Arbitration Law of China (2017) 仲裁法


Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Law of China (2020) 著作权法

Trademark Law of China (2019)商标法 

Patent Law of China (2020) 专利法


International Trade Law

Foreign Trade Law of China (2016) 对外贸易法

Export Control Law china (2020) 出口管制法

Customs Law of China (2017) 海关法

Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of China (2018) 国境卫生检疫法

Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law of China (2018) 进出口商品检验法

Hainan Free Trade Port Law (2021) 海南自由贸易港法


Law on Foreigners

Exit-Entry Administration Law of China (2012) 出境入境管理法

Law on Administration of Domestic Activities of Overseas Non-government Organizations within the Territory of China (2017) 境外非政府组织境内活动管理法


Cyber law / Internet Law

Cybersecurity Law of China (2017) 网络安全法

E-commerce Law of China (2018) 电子商务法

Electronic Signature Law of China (2019) 电子签名法

Cryptography Law of China (2019) 密码法


Securities Law

Securities Law of China (2019) 证券法

Securities Investment Fund Law of China (2015) 证券投资基金法


Banking and Finance

Commercial Banking Law of China (2015) 商业银行法

Banking Supervision Law of China (2006) 银行业监督管理法

Insurance Law of China (2015) 保险法

Trust Law of China (2001) 信托法

Anti-money Laundering Law of China (2006) 反洗钱法


Accounting Law

Accounting Law of China (2017) 会计法

Certified Public Accountants Law of China (2014) 注册会计师法


Labor Law / Employment Law

Labor Law of China (2018) 劳动法

Labor Contract Law of China (2012) 劳动合同法

Law on the Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases of China (2018) 职业病防治法

Employment Promotion Law of China (2015) 就业促进法


Human Rights Law

Minors Protection Law of China (2020) 未成年人保护法

Law on Protection of Women's Rights and Interests of China (2018) 妇女权益保障法

Law on Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly of China (2018) 老年人权益保障法

Law on Protection of the Disabled of China (2018) 残疾人保障法

Law Against Domestic Violence of China (2015) 反家庭暴力法


Public Administration 行政管理

Administrative Licensing Law of China (2019) 行政许可法

Government Procurement Law of China (2014) 政府采购法

Law on Administrative Penalties for Public Security of China (2012) 治安管理处罚法

Budget Law of China (2018) 预算法

Statistics Law of China (2009) 统计法

Archives Law of China (2020) 档案法

Meteorology Law of China (2016) 气象法

Surveying and Mapping Law of China (2017) 测绘法

Law on the Promotion of Rural Revitalization of China (2021) 乡村振兴促进法(2021)


Social Security Law

Social Security Law of China (2018) 社会保险法


Education Law

Education Law of China (2021) 教育法

Compulsory Education Law of China (2018) 义务教育法

Higher Education Law of China (2018) 高等教育法

Law on the Promotion of Private Schools of China (2018) 民办教育促进法


Energy Law

Electric Power Law of China (2018) 电力法

Coal Industry Law of China (2016) 煤炭法

Energy Conservation Law of China (2018) 节约能源法


Environmental Law

Environmental Protection Law of China (2014) 环境保护法

Environmental Impact Assessment Law (2018) 环境影响评价法

Wildlife Protection Law of China (2018) 野生动物保护法

Law on Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution of China (2018) 大气污染防治法

Law on Prevention and Control of Environmental Noise Pollution of China (2018) 环境噪声污染防治法

Law on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution Caused by Solid Wastes of China (2020) 固体废物污染环境防治法

Law on Water Pollution Prevention and Control of China (2017) 水污染防治法

Law on Prevention and Control of Desertification of China (2018) 防沙治沙法

Law on Soil Pollution Prevention and Control of China (2018) 土壤污染防治法

Marine Environmental Protection Law of China (2017) 海洋环境保护法

Cleaner Production Promotion Law of China (2012) 清洁生产促进法

Circular Economy Promotion Law of China (2018) 循环经济促进法


Business Law

Tobacco Monopoly Law (2015) 烟草专卖法

Work Safety Law of China (2014) 安全生产法

Advertising Law of China (2021) 广告法

Tourism Law of China (2018) 旅游法

Auction Law of China (2015) 拍卖法

Bidding Law of China (2017) 招标投标法

Asset Appraisal Law of China (2016) 资产评估法

Law on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements of China (2015) 促进科技成果转化法

Law on Promotion of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises of China (2017) 中小企业促进法

Standardization Law of China (2017) 标准化法

Anti-Unfair Competition Law of China (2019) 反不正当竞争法

Anti-monopoly Law (2007) 反垄断法


Agricultural Law

Grassland Law of China (2021) 草原法

Forest Law of China (2019) 森林法

Fisheries Law of China (2013) 渔业法

Animal Husbandry Law of China (2015) 畜牧法

Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of China (2021) 动物防疫法

Seed Law of China (2015) 种子法

Specialized Farmers Cooperatives Law of China (2017) 农民专业合作社法

Promotion of Agricultural Mechanization Law of China (2018) 农业机械化促进法


Health Law

Law on Promotion of Basic Medical and Health Care of China (2019) 基本医疗卫生与健康促进法

Drug Administration Law of China (2019) 药品管理法

Vaccine Administration Law of China (2019) 疫苗管理法

Mental Health Law of China (2018) 精神卫生法

Law on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases of China (2013) 传染病防治法

Traditional Chinese Medicine Law of China (2016) 中医药法


Consumer Law

Law on Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests of China (2013) 消费者权益保护

Anti-food Waste Law (2021) 反食品浪费法


Product Liability Law

Special Equipment Safety Law of China (2013) 特种设备安全法

Product Quality Law of China (2018) 产品质量法

Food Safety Law of China (2021) 食品安全法


Transportation and Traffic Law

Highway Law of China (2017) 公路法

Railway Law of China (2015) 铁路法

Civil Aviation Law of China (2018) 民用航空法

Maritime Law of China (1992) 海商法

Port Law of China (2018) 港口法

Maritime Traffic Safety Law of China (2021) 海上交通安全法

Road Traffic Safety Law  (2021) 道路交通安全法

Civil Aviation Law (2021) 民用航空法

Coast Guard Law of China (2021) 海警法


Telecommunications and Postal Service Law

Postal Law of China (2015) 邮政法


Sports and Entertainment Law

Film Industry Promotion Law of China (2016) 电影产业促进法

Physical Culture and Sports Law 体育法


Disaster Law

Fire Protection Law of China (2021) 消防法

Fire and Rescue Ranks Regulation of China (2018) 消防救援衔条例

Flood Control Law of China (2016) 防洪法


Real Estate Law 

Land Administration Law (2019) 土地管理法

Urban Real Estate Administration Law (2019) 城市房地产管理法

Law on Land Contract in Rural Areas (2018) 农村土地承包法

Construction Law of China (2019) 建筑法


Social Law

Population and Family Planning Law of China (2015) 人口与计划生育法

Charity Law of China (2016) 慈善法

Community Correction Law of China (2019) 社区矫正法

Law on National Medals and National Honorary Titles of China (2015) 国家勋章和国家荣誉称号法

Heroes and Martyrs Protection Law of China (2018) 英雄烈士保护法

Public Libraries Law of China (2018) 公共图书馆法

Anti-Drug Law of China (2007) 禁毒法

Red Cross Society Law of China(2017) 红十字会法

Public Cultural Service Guarantee Law of China (2016) 公共文化服务保障法


Affairs Relating to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan 

Law on Safeguarding National Security in HKSAR of China (2020) 香港特别行政区维护国家安全法

Law on the Protection of Investments by Taiwan Compatriots of China (2019) 台湾同胞投资保护法

Decision on the Qualifications of Members of the Legislative Council of the HKSAR (2020) 关于香港特别行政区立法会议员资格问题的决定


Public Administration

Administrative Licensing Law of China (2019) 行政许可法

Administrative Penalty Law of China (2021) 行政处罚法

Statistics Law of China (2009) 统计法

Archives Law of China (2020) 档案法


Civil Servant Law

Civil Servant Law of China (2018) 公务员法

Law on Governmental Discipline for Public Officials of China (2020) 公职人员政务处分法


Legal Profession

Judges Law of China (2019) 法官法

Lawyers Law of China (2017) 律师法

Procurators Law of China (2019) 检察官法

Notary Law of China (2017) 公证法


Tax Law

Tax Collection Administration Law of China (2015) 税收征收管理法

Enterprise Income Tax Law (2018) 企业所得税法

Individual Income Tax Law of China (2018) 个人所得税法

Resource Tax Law of China (2019) 资源税法

Vehicle Acquisition Tax Law (2018) 车辆购置税法

Farmland Occupation Tax Law (2018) 耕地占用税法

Vehicle and Vessel Tax Law of China (2019) 车船税法

Vessel Tonnage Tax Law of China (2018) 船舶吨税法

Environmental Protection Tax Law of China (2018) 环境保护税法

Tobacco Tax Law of China (2017) 烟叶税法

Deed Tax Law of China (2020) 契税法

 Law on Urban Maintenance and Construction Tax of China (2020) 城市维护建设税法

Stamp Tax Law of China (2021) 印花税法



National security Law

National Security Law of China (2015) 国家安全法

Anti-Terrorism Law of China (2018) 反恐怖主义法

Biosecurity Law of China (2020) 生物安全法

National Intelligence Law of China (2018) 国家情报法

Counterespionage Law of China (2014) 反间谍法

Gun Control Law of China (2015) 枪支管理法

Nuclear Safety Law of China (2017) 核安全法

Anti-foreign Sanctions Law of China(2021) 反外国制裁法


Military Law

People's Armed Police Law of China (2020) 人民武装警察法

National Defense Education Law of China (2018) 国防教育法

Veterans Protection Law of China (2020) 退役军人保障法

Law on the Protection of Military Installations of China (2021) 军事设施保护法