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China Welcomes Three More Foreign Patent Agencies in 2023

Tue, 31 Oct 2023
Categories: China Legal Trends


In July 2023, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) approved the establishment of three resident representative offices for foreign patent agencies, bringing the total to eight in the country.

The following are the three offices.

  • Bals & Vogel Guangzhou Representative Office (德国博格专利事务所广州代表处)
  • LLR Beijing Representative Office (法国理利知识产权事务所北京代表处)
  • Pintas LCW Guangzhou Representative Office (马来西亚宾大斯专利事务所广州代表处)

As of 31 July 2023, CNIPA has approved the establishment of eight resident representative offices of foreign patent agencies in China.

The following are the other five approved for establishment in 2022.

  • Guangzhou Representative Office of French Levy Intellectual Property Company (法国利维知识产权公司广州代表处)
  • Guangzhou Representative Office of French Novartis Technologies Ltd. (法国诺华技术股份有限公司广州代表处)
  • Suzhou Representative Office of American Anova Patent Agency Ltd. (美国北维专利代理有限责任公司苏州代表处)
  • Nanjing Representative Office of South Korea Tian Patent & Trademark Office (韩国田专利商标事务所南京代表处)
  • Nanjing Representative Office of Japan Cosmos International Patent and Trademark Office (日本秋樱国际专利商标事务所南京代表处)


Photo by Max Zhang on Unsplash

Contributors: CJO Staff Contributors Team

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