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Who Can Serve as Judges in China?

Law graduates, public civil servants, staff members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and veterans are the main sources of candidates for judges in China.

Chinese Courts Facing Litigation Explosion

Chinese courts have been facing a litigation explosion in the recent five years, which has caused work overload to judges. Dealing with litigation explosion has now become one of the top priorities for the supreme court and local courts in China.

How Chinese Judges Think

In trial activities, a Chinese judge will consider what kind of legal effect, social effect and political effect that may be incurred by a judgment to determine how to make a judgment.

How Judicial Discipline Works in China?

Improving the judicial accountability system, one of the most important measures in Chinese judicial reform, is supposed to hold judges accountable for life for cases they handle and to effectively discipline judges for misconduct. Prior to this, Chinese judges were never subject to such strict requirements.

The Roles of Chinese Court Presidents

Compared with their counterparts in other countries, the court presidents in China play a far more complicated role. They have to act as excellent administrators and politicians before acting as legal experts.

Domestic Judges and International Law in the Practice of China

Mr. Ma Xinmin (马新明), Deputy Director-General of the Department of Treaty and Law of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.C., introduced the important role of the Chinese judges in ensuring the compliance and clarification of the rules of international law and promoting international judicial cooperation and the codification of international law.

The Hierarchical Chinese Courts

Chinese courts at various levels, to some extent, are part of the administrative bodies in the national hierarchy, rather than just a judicial organ with the sole responsibility of adjudicating cases.