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Road Traffic Safety Law of China (2021)

Thu, 09 Sep 2021
Categories: Insights

Road Traffic Safety Law was promulgated in 2003, and amended in 2007, 2011, and 2021 respectively. The latest revision entered into force on 29 Apr. 2021.

There are 124 articles in total. The Law aims to maintain road traffic order, prevent and reduce traffic accidents, and improve traffic efficiency.

The key points are as follows:

1. Whoever drives a motor vehicle shall have lawfully obtained a motor vehicle driver’s license. After meeting the requirements for a driver’s license specified by the competent public security authority under the State Council (the Ministry of Public Security) and passing the examination by the traffic control authorities of the public security organs, holders of a foreign motor vehicle driver’s license shall be issued with a Chinese motor vehicle driver’s license.

2. The training on motor vehicle driving shall be conducted by non-government institutions. The competent transport authorities shall put driving training schools and classes on record for administration and strengthen supervision over driving training activities. The driving training schools and classes for special tractors shall be subject to the supervision and administration of competent authorities of agriculture (agricultural machinery).

3. Whoever has drunk or has taken psychotropic substances or narcotic drugs controlled by the State, or suffers from diseases that prevent him/her from driving a motor vehicle safely, or cannot drive safely due to over-fatigue shall not drive a motor vehicle.

4. The sidewalks of major urban roads shall be provided with blind tracks in accordance with the plan. Motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles shall keep to the right of the road. Where roads are divided into motor vehicle lanes, non-motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, the motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrians shall take the lanes and sidewalks respectively.


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