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SPC Improves Mechanism for Court Notice Publication

Wed, 05 Jun 2024
Categories: China Legal Trends

In January 2024, China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) issued a notice to all courts nationwide, deciding to improve the management of court notice publication.

Starting from 1 Jan. 2024, the People’s Court Daily (人民法院报) will no longer publish court notices, except for the statutory court notices that should be published in newspapers. Instead, all court notices will be published on the China Court Website (sub-site: People’s Court Announcement Website) and simultaneously pushed to the Tencent Website (Tencent News).

If there is a need to publish public notices in newspapers, the media for publishing court notices must be strictly limited to “newspapers, information networks, and other media with nationwide circulation and influence”, including 18 central news and media units such as the People’s Daily and the Xinhua News Agency, and the main newspapers and major online media platforms of three central political and legal news units such as the People’s Court News and Media Agency. Other media platforms will no longer be used to publish court notices.



Photo by Seele An on Unsplash

Contributors: CJO Staff Contributors Team

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