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About China Justice Observer (CJO)


We are committed to presenting the Chinese judicial system. If you need to settle disputes in China, we help you build reasonable expectations and develop effective strategies and solutions. If you are intrigued by China’s justice, we help you explore this fascinating field.

We inform you what is going on and why it is happening in China’s judicial system. For instance, we not only help you figure out, before a certain mechanism is established, what lies at the heart of related debates among Chinese legislators, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, scholars and the public, but we also help you find out, how this mechanism works in practice after being created, and what the public views are.

We present you the logic of China’s justice, its transparency, openness as well as the humanized part. We hope, when faced with the Chinese judicial system, you are not at a loss or feeling overwhelmed. So please let us know your thoughts, and feel free to make comments and suggestions.

China Justice Observer (CJO) is co-founded by Guodong Du and Meng Yu. Guodong Du is currently practicing at Beijing Anli Law Firm. Prior to this, Guodong practiced for years at the Dentons Beijing office. Meng Yu is a researcher and received her Ph.D. from China University of Political Science and Law. Our friends in China’s legal profession also contribute to CJO.

The CJO is sponsored by the Academy of Comprehensive Rule of Law at China University of Political Science and Law, works in partnership with the Qidu Legal Translation and the Yuanhe Partners.