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2022 Hainan Free Trade Port Investment Guide Released

Wed, 18 May 2022
Categories: China Legal Trends

On 13 Apr. 2022, Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce released the “2022 Hainan Free Trade Port Investment Guide” (hereinafter “the Investment Guide”, 2022海南自由贸易港投资指南).

The Investment Guide provides Chinese and English versions separately. It introduces the overall geographic and economic situation, investment policies and the business environment of Hainan in three chapters of “A Glimpse of Hainan”, “Investment in Hainan” and “Business Environment”.

Click here for the English version.

Led by “Hainan Free Trade Port Law” (海南自由贸易港法), “Investment in Hainan” focuses on three pillar industries including tourism, modern services and high-tech industries, and mainly introduces 25 key industries such as international tourism, duty-free shopping, finance, conference and exhibition, international education, medical and health care, digital economy, seed breeding, deep-sea and aerospace.

It also introduces the special policies implemented in Hainan Free Trade Port like the tax system arrangements of zero tariff, low tax rate as well as tax streamlining and combination.


Cover Photo by Wen GuangHua on Unsplash

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