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China Strengthens Protection of IP Rights at Exhibitions

Mon, 05 Sep 2022
Categories: China Legal Trends
Editor: Lisa Bi

China National Intellectual Property Administration released online the "Guidelines on the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights at Exhibitions" (展会知识产权保护指引, hereinafter referred to as the "Guidelines") on 22 July 2022.

The Guidelines is applicable to the protection of intellectual property rights in various economic and technological trade exhibitions, trade fairs, expositions,  exhibitions and other activities held within the territory of China online and on-site.

The exhibition is a kind of publicity activity to show products and technologies, expand channels, promote sales and brands, where exhibition items such as exhibits, package, booth design and other parts of the booth may give rise to intellectual property rights issues.

The Guidelines stresses the comprehensive protection of intellectual property rights throughout the exhibition, including pre-, during-, and post-exhibition protection.

According to the Guidelines, before and during the exhibition, the intellectual property management department of the exhibition venue may set up a workstation to receive complaints related to intellectual property, carry out relevant mediation and provide consulting services.

After the exhibition, the intellectual property management department of the exhibition venue can, based on the handling of complaints, refer the relevant materials to the intellectual property management department where the exhibitor is registered for further processing.



Cover Photo by Andreas Felske on Unsplash

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