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Chinese Court Contacts - Guide to Court Web Sites

Sun, 16 Aug 2020
Categories: Insights
Editor: C. J. Observer



The consolidated list provides website links of some major Chinese courts. We will keep the list updated and relevant.

A number of readers wrote to us in the past months, inquiring about contacts of Chinese courts.

As most Chinese courts only have websites in Chinese, searching with English keywords often ends up getting nowhere. Now, we would like to provide a channel for those in need, hoping to bridge the information gap step by step.

1. Beijing High People's Court北京高级人民法院 

1.1 Beijing First Intermediate People's Court北京市第一中级人民法院 

1.1.1 Haidian Primary People’s Court of Beijing Municipality北京市海淀区人民法院 

1.2 Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court北京市第二中级人民法院 

1.3 Beijing Third Intermediate People's Court北京市第三中级人民法院 

1.3.1 Chaoyang Primary People’s Court of Beijing Municipality北京市朝阳区人民法院 

1.4 Beijing Fourth Intermediate People's Court北京市第四中级人民法院 

1.4.1 Beijing Internet Court北京互联网法院 

1.5 Beijing Intellectual Property Court北京知识产权法院 

2. Shanghai High People's Court上海市高级人民法院 

2.1 Shanghai First Intermediate People's Court上海市第一中级人民法院 

2.1.1 Pudong Primary People’s Court of Shanghai Municipality上海市浦东新区人民法院 

2.2 Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court上海市第二中级人民法院 

2.3 Shanghai Third Intermediate People's Court上海市第三中级人民法院 

2.4 Shanghai Intellectual Property Court上海知识产权法院 

2.5 Shanghai Maritime Court上海海事法院 

2.6 Shanghai Financial Court 上海金融法院 

3. Guangdong High People's Court广东省高级人民法院 

3.1 Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court广州市中级人民法院 

3.1.1 Guangzhou Internet Court广州互联网法院 

3.1.2 Yuexiu Primary People’s Court of Guangzhou Municipality广州市越秀区人民法院 

3.2 Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court 深圳市中级人民法院

3.2.1 Qianhai Cooperation Zone People’s Court of Shenzhen Municipality深圳市前海合作区人民法院 

3.2.2 Nanshan Primary People’s Court of Shenzhen Municipality深圳南山区人民法院  

3.3 Zhuhai Intermediate People's Court珠海市中级人民法院 

3.4 Foshan Intermediate People's Court佛山市中级人民法院 

3.5 Dongguan Intermediate People's Court东莞市中级人民法院 

3.6 Guangzhou Maritime Court广州市海事法院 

3.7 Guangzhou Intellectual Property Court广州知识产权法院 

4. Zhejiang High People's Court浙江省高级人民法院 

4.1 Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court杭州市中级人民法院 

4.1.1 Hangzhou Internet Court杭州互联网法院 

4.2 Ningbo Intermediate People's Court宁波市中级人民法院 

4.3 Wenzhou Intermediate People's Court温州市中级人民法院 

4.4 Ningbo Maritime Court宁波海事法院 



Photo by Akira Amuro ( on Unsplash



Contributors: Guodong Du 杜国栋 , Xinzhu Li 李欣烛

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