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Hainan Free Trade Port Promulgates Regulations on Fair Competition

Tue, 16 Nov 2021
Categories: China Legal Trends

On 29 Sept. 2021, the Standing Commission of China’s Sixth National People’s Congress of Hainan Province adopted the Regulations on Fair Competition of Hainan Free Trade Port (“the Regulations”)(海南自由贸易港公平竞争条例), which will come into effect on 1 Jan. 2022.

The Regulations regulates international cooperation, competition policy, fair competition review, conducts affecting fair competition, investigation and supervision and other issues, promoting integrated innovation of fair competition system.

In terms of fair competition policy, the Regulations specifies that Hainan Free Trade Port will conduct management systems including the special list of relaxed market access (special measures) and the negative list of access for foreign investment. In fields not mentioned in the negative list, all types of market players can participate equally and compete fairly according to law.



Cover Photo by Bells Mayer on Unsplash

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