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SPC Releases 12th Batch of Selected Cases of Judicial Reform

Wed, 09 Nov 2022
Categories: China Legal Trends

In Sept. 2022, the Leading Group of Judicial Reform of China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) issued the “Selected Cases of Judicial Reform of People’s Courts (XII)” (hereinafter the “Selected Cases”, 人民法院司法改革案例选编(十二)).

It is a summary and report of typical practices in local courts, which is proposed to be used as a model for courts nationwide.

The SPC has issued 190 cases in 12 batches of “Selected Cases of Judicial Reform of People’s Courts” since 2017.

This batch of Selected Cases focuses on how to cope with the litigation explosion by separating complicated cases from simple ones in civil procedure.

For example, Case No. 180 introduces the work of Chaoyang Primary People’s Court of Beijing Municipality. This court has one of the largest caseloads in China, with more than 100,000 cases per year.

The court’s main practices are:

  1. In terms of complex cases, trials are concentrated on a specific team of judges;
  2. In terms of simple cases, judges deal with them in a batch and standardized manner, and when needed, with the help of intelligent systems in automatic judgment drafting.



Cover Photo by 炫铭 on Unsplash

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