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SPC Releases 2020 Annual Report on Judicial Review of Commercial Arbitration

Wed, 15 Nov 2023
Categories: China Legal Trends

In September 2023, the “Annual Report of the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) on Judicial Review of Commercial Arbitration (2020)” (hereinafter the “2020 Report”, 最高人民法院商事仲裁司法审查年度报告(2020)), authored by the SPC’s Fourth Civil Division, was published and distributed by the People’s Court Press under the SPC.

The SPC Fourth Civil Division is an internal department in charge of judicial review of commercial arbitration.

On 23 Dec. 2020, the SPC held a press conference to release, for the first time, the “Annual Report of the SPC on Judicial Review of Commercial Arbitration (2019)” (hereinafter the “2019 Report”, 最高人民法院商事仲裁司法审查年度报告(2019)) in both Chinese and English versions.

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On this basis, the Fourth Civil Division plans to compile into a book the judgments and the SPC’s replies involved in the annual reports, intending to publish an SPC’s annual report on the judicial review of commercial arbitration every year.

The 2020 Report, published this year, is the second volume compiled by the Fourth Civil Division on the basis of the 2019 Report.

The 2020 Report provides an overview of the arbitration judicial review in Chinese courts in 2020.

The 2020 Report compiles typical cases from various types of arbitration judicial review cases in 2020, summarizes case issues, and distills the judgment’s key points.

The 2020 Report aims to: (1) standardize the criteria of arbitration judicial review by Chinese courts at all levels nationwide and regulate the power of arbitration judicial review; (2) regulate and guide arbitration institutions in handling arbitration cases; (3) provide practical case materials for legislators to amend arbitration laws and regulations.



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