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The CICC Through the Eyes of Law Students

Sat, 29 Feb 2020
Categories: Insights
Contributors: Meng Yu 余萌
Editor: C. J. Observer


Looking for a quick guide to China International Commercial Court (CICC)? Here are brochures designed by law students of China University of Political Science and Law.

‘So, is there anyone willing to design a brochure for our China International Commercial Court?’ I asked, hoping at least one student to volunteer in. Surprisingly, over 20 students raised their hands, eager to take on the challenge. Last fall semester (2019-2020), I had 48 students in my class on Private International Law, all third- and fourth-year law students from the ‘pilot class of foreign-related legal talent training program’ (涉外法律人才培养实验班) at School of International Law, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL). As a CUPL flagship educational program launched in 2013, the pilot-class project has provided more than 300 law students – chosen for their academic potentials and language proficiency– opportunities for gaining international perspectives, through tailored courses in international law and internship opportunities at in national, regional and international government agencies, such as those of the United Nations.

The idea of brochure designing comes from my visit to the Supreme Court of Singapore last summer. I was so impressed by the whole series of eye-catching multi-lingual brochures about the Singaporean judicial system. In particular, the brochure of the Singapore International Commercial Court (SICC)  is well-designed and informative. Naturally, it occurs to me that why not to design a brochure for our China International Commercial Court (CICC), since we don’t have one at hand by now.

For those interested in CICC, apart from its official website, a brochure could be a handy resource of featured information. The brochures designed by the law students provide us different perspectives of CICC, which, in a way, enrich our understanding of the newly-established international commercial courts in China.

Below are four CICC brochures I selected from all the brochures that CUPL law students designed. With their consent, the brochures are available for download, and all are licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0.

I. CICC Brochure A – by Gong Yuyao(龚雨瑶),  Tian Zhihan (田知涵) and  Zhai Yujia (翟羽佳)

*Download in PDF

II. CICC Brochure B – by Hu Jingyi (胡静怡) and Ling Yiting (凌艺婷)

*Download in PDF

III. CICC Brochure C – by Xu Yiwen (徐逸雯), Zhang Han(张涵) and Cheng Yun (程韵)

*Download in PDF 

IV. CICC Brochure D – by Hu Ziyu(胡梓聿), Wang Fei(王斐), and Liu Jiayuan (刘佳源).

*Download in PDF 


Cover Photo by David Pisnoy( on Unsplash


Contributors: Meng Yu 余萌

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