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Lin Haibin 林海斌

Lin Haibin 林海斌
Lin Haibin 林海斌

Lin Haibin (林海斌), a professional legal translator, received his two bachelor's degrees (majoring in English and Law) from China University of Political Science and Law. 
He won the National Champion in the 8th "Hua Zheng" Cup National Legal Translation Contest in 2017 which was reported by Legal Daily (a PRC state-owned newspaper under the supervision of the CCP's Central Commission for Political and Legal Affairs). He has devoted himself to legal translation with expertise and great enthusiasm, translating millions of words from Chinese to English and English to Chinese as well. 

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Thu, 15 Oct 2020 Insights Jian Zhang 张建

Today, 15 Oct. 2020, the International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Settlement Organization (ICDPASO, 国际商事争端预防与解决组织) has been established in Beijing, China. As a non-governmental international organization, ICDPASO will provide legal services including commercial arbitration, commercial mediation, investment arbitration and dispute prevention for countries/regions around the globe.